Hillsboro Hollands - Colors & Genetics
The original color for Hollands is tort.   
Many breeders only work with tort
Hollands.  But there are numerous
other breeders who like to work with
colored Hollands.  We also raise
colored Hollands.  However, we do not
sacrifice quality for color.  

There are 144 possible colors in the
Holland breed.  This makes the breed
appealing to people who show
Hollands and have Hollands for pets.  
Below are links about colors and the
genetics behind the colors.
Colors & Genetics
Color Guide
Amy's Rabbit Ranch has an excellent page that list the colors
in their groups.  Amy has spent hours developing her
material.  She has numerous pictures to illustrate the colors.  
Baby Color Guide
Amy's Rabbit Ranch offers a baby color guide.  This will be
helpful in distinguishing colors in baby Hollands.
Color Genetics
Nature Trail Rabbitry has articles about color genetics and the
color groups.  Laurie Stroupe also lists the 144 possible
colors of Hollands and their genetic codes.  
Colors & Genetics
Three LIttle Ladies provide an easy to understand guide to  
colors and genetics.
Campo's Cottontails
Carrie Campo breeds for color and quality.  Her website offers
examples of the many colors available in Holland Lops.
D&A Rabbitry
Danny & Ann Cummings raise colored Hollands in the
Midwest.  Their website contains excellent examples of
colored Hollands that maintain the features of the Holland