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Updated 5/6/17
E-mail us at:  robin@hillsborohollands.com
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Hillsboro Hollands is a family rabbitry that specializes in raising
show quality Holland Lop rabbits.  We raise not only tort Hollands
but numerous other colors including but not limited to: fawn, sable
point, black, blue and blue tort.  We do not sacrifice quality for color.

Holland are the smallest of the lop rabbits.  In Europe they are called
dwarf lops.  Holland Lop rabbits captured our hearts several years
ago because they are so friendly.   Since then we have devoted our
time to raising Hollands.  

We sell Holland Lops as show rabbits and pets.  For people looking
for Hollands we are located in central Kansas.  Please feel free to
e-mail us at robin@hillsborohollands.com.  

We would like to thank all of our fellow Holland Lop breeders who
have contributed to our success.  Our friends have offered
wonderful advice and support since we began this adventure.   
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